Get your lips pucker-ready this Valentine’s Day with our February specials!

Get your lips pucker ready with kissable lips this Valentine’s Day! Check out Carrington Medical Spa’s Valentine’s Day specials!

  • 20% off PCA Peptide Lip Therapy w/ purchase of $50 HydrFacial Lip Perk Treatment
  • Perioral Laser Treatment $149.99 ($ 300 value)
  • Restylane© for Lip Enhancement 20% off (These fillers provide instant results, which means they’re perfect for kissable lips this Valentine’s Day!)
    • RESTYLANE®- L: This filler does it all. It treats wrinkles around the mouth, radically improves the appearance of scars, and adds back volume. If you want to do a little bit of everything, then this is the one to reach for.
    • RESTYLANE® Refyne: Refyne helps to soften those annoying laugh lines to help give you a more natural, younger look while also maintaining facial expressions. Just after one month of treatment, patients have seen positive results.
    • RESTYLANE® Defyne: While Refyne and Defyne are very similar, Defyne is the remedy to serious, deeper wrinkles that are more difficult to get rid of.
  • $50 Instant Rebate on Xeomin Aesthetics. For a limited time while supplies last

Curious about boosting your “kissing confidence” this Valentine’s Day? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Liliya to discuss these procedures. Call Carrington Medical Spa at (205) 508-5723.