For your interest in our weight loss program

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Losing weight is hard, maintaining it is harder. We will work with you to maintain your weight loss, once your have reached your ideal weight through regular follow ups with metabolic injections and vitamins.

You have taken the first step in your weight loss

We will contact you very soon and start your screening phase. The screening phase consists of various medical, laboratory and psychological tests to ensure that each patient is both medically and psychologically able to participate in our weight management program.

The next phases are below once you complete the screening phase.

Reducing phase
The reducing phase is used to help patients lose weight under medical supervision, utilizing meal replacements exclusively, or grocery food plus meal replacements, or grocery food and protein supplements between meals. These tightly structured formats provide healthy nutrition and allow for safe and effective weight loss while reducing high calorie, high fat, high carbohydrate food choices. Eliminating or reducing food choices while learning to change eating behaviors is the key to this phase. Once a patient’s past destructive eating behaviors are pinpointed and changed, the patient will be better able to handle long-term weight management.

Adapting Phase
Once the patient has successfully lost the excess weight, the adapting phase is introduced. In the adapting phase, more healthy meal choices and a variety of foods are slowly but progressively introduced back into the patient’s diet over a four to eight week period.
This phase prepares the body physically for long-term food processing as well as mentally for the behavioral and lifestyle changes necessary for life long weight maintenance.

Maintenance Phase
In the Maintenance Phase, the patient will return to traditional eating patterns. The protein supplements or meal replacements will be slowly phased out, or used once or twice daily as a maintenance tool.
Strategies to prevent weight regain are discussed and reinforced for long term weight loss maintenance. Relapse prevention plans and practical tips for weight loss management are utilized in the maintenance phase. During this phase, it is important for the patient to stay connected with the program where support, guidance, reinforcement and problem solving strategies are continually provided.